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Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies is currently on vdrome, for ten days only...

Phillip Warnell is an artist, filmmaker
and academic based in London producing film, text and art work.

As well as producing short and feature length films, he has professional associations with BFI, Wellcome Trust, Kingston University and Cambridge University.

Contributing a photowork to an exhibition - the tongue shapes words all too quickly -
at the Triangle Space at Chelsea College of Arts: Weds 2nd-Fri 4th April

Recent films

Ming of Harlem: twenty one storeys in the air, in progress, 2014

Phillip Warnell is currently working on a new film project with the financial support of The Wellcome Trust, ACE & CCA, Belgium, in association with Picture Palace Pictures, NYC and Michigan Films, Belgium.

Undertaking a Random Acts artists film commission for Channel Four Television a trailer-like precursor to the film, 'The Scales and Stripes', 2013. No. 298.
Random Acts


I first saw the light, 2012

16mm film loop work. A project with the archive at The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel. A footnote to David Lynch...

Next screening in a curated programme by Jean-Francois Rettig and Nathalie Henon at the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia

Being presented in exhibition at the Fotogalerie, Vienna in May 2014. Details and exhibition dates to follow

Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies, 2009

Philosopher and heart transplant recipient Jean-Luc Nancy meditates on the history and integrity of bodies: their secrets, their touching, their annihilation and strangeness, in Phillip Warnell’s short film, Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies (20mins, 35mm).

The film presents a number of visual and literary passages, each exploring the correlate between a textual narrative by Jean-Luc Nancy, his on screen presence, a surgical organ in search of a body and an unaccounted for, displaced invertebrate at sea.

Next presentation in 'Falling through the Cracks' LALD gallery, Italy. February 2014

Screening in Norway in Trondeim, at the Kosmorama /film festival in early May 2014, details to follow
Kosmorama Film Festival

Exhibiting Outlandish on VDrome,
details to follow:

Image links to project page where you can see Outlandish online:

Available now. Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies: an artists publication, with original texts by Jean-Luc Nancy, Andrea Lissoni and Phillip Warnell, along with production stills from the film (Nov 2010). Available now from The South London Gallery, London, or by writing directly to

Outlandish was reviewed in Frieze online
by Erik Morse. Listed in Frieze Magazine (March 2011) as a top-ten online article.

The Girl with X-ray Eyes, 2008

See the film online here:

The Girl with X-ray Eyes is screening at the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, Monday 8th April, 2013. Curated by Jean-Pierre Rehm as 'The Eyes, The Ears, The Lips: What Community?'

The Girl with X-ray Eyes has been curated for inclusion at the Sharjah Biennale, 2013. In an outdoor courtyard cinema the film will be screened five times on 35mm between Mar-May. Curated by Jean-Pierre Rehm and Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Guest editor for Performance Research issue on 'Transplantations', 2010
Performance Research

The Girl with X-ray Eyes book is available for purchase online from The Live Art Development Agency, London


Mentor for the BFI Doc-Next film commission scheme

Hear Phillip Warnell's recent paper, 'The Beast with Two Back's', CRASSH, Cambridge University, April 2013

Hear Phillip Warnell's recent paper on 'Projections of Animality' at the Natural History Museum, London, June 2011

Leonardo article from 2009, Intimate Distances. Available as a free PDF download here:

Life-Like: an organ in search of a body. Phillip Warnell's article on bodily migration.

Meet Your Inside: Endoscopic visualisations. Jan-Eric Olsen. n.b. there are date inaccuracies in this article.

Body voyage as visual representation and performance, featuring Phillip Warnell's work.
Jan-Eric Olsen
Nuncius, Vol 26, No. 1, 2011


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Exhibition at Triangle, Chelsea College of Art 02/04 - 04/04


I first saw the light: 11min 16mm film was at The South London Gallery. Photo: Lucy Parker
Screening next in Berlin in June 2013. See left for details.


Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies: A 20 minute film made in collaboration with Jean-Luc Nancy

Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies - 35mm film, 20mins. with Jean-Luc Nancy
'A body embodies: it isn’t a tautology. It is a subject predicating its own essence. If the soul is the body’s form,
then the body is also the soul’s impenetrability. It is the soul’s hardness, substance, entrenchment. A soul without
entrenchment, without rampart, vanishes soulless'.
Strange Foreign Bodies

The Meaning of the world Outside the World - A feature on Phillip Warnell's film work, Mousse No. 22 2010,
"Phillip Warnell explores a shifting world whose different planes intersect, collide, and sometimes collapse.
A world that is full of surprises, and to those who enter it, fascinating, and infused with hidden poetry. A world that -
though focused on phenomena that are ancient of contemporary, extra-sensory or scientific, invisible or shrouded in darkness
as they may be - above all generates figures who require no footnotes."
Andrea Lissoni

Lydia Kavina plays The Girl with X-ray Eyes

Performing a live Theremin film accompaniment composed for the film by Vladimir Nikolaev,
June 2008. Photograph, Hana Vojackova


The world of the shadowless person - Article in Semaine Contemporary Art. No.9 Jan 2008
"The power of science produces a sort of reaction of subjects, an almost vital
refusal to let ourselves be reduced to its algorithms. Phillip Warnell's film about
Natasha Demkina states that subjects cannot be comprehensively calculated."
Gérard Wajcman

The Girl with X-ray Eyes,
Artists publication, 2008

To obtain a copy, write to

Containing film stills, images of Natasha Demkina and an interview with her.
production stills, exhibition images. With essays by Gérard Wajcman
and Steven Connor. 96 pages. £10 + p&p
Translucent dust jacket. ISBN: 978-0-902683-87-7

Placebo (animal magnetism)
Solo exhibition at 300m3 gallery, Gothenburg, 2008. Photograph, Hendrik Rylander.



Unseen Footage
(with reproduction posing stand and modified 16mm projector) of archival,
miniaturised and projected footage on the artists eye, 2006/7. Photograph, Stéphanie Nava


Sensors on the abdominal wall
In exhibition at Arlington Arts Centre, Washington DC, 2010
Video object/Installation. Photograph by Lisa McCarty